ImageIn is a social mobile application that connects users with their friends and family from far distance using images that implement the user’s personal tone by adding sounds, drawings cutouts figures and more on top of them. And when it is possible, set a time for direct communication.

Interface, interaction modality and user experience

The prototype support simple gestures as tap and scroll. The prototype illustrate the concept of social network that based on images that the user can define and personalize. he navigation is simple and based on common gestures. Instructions follows the process of image upload for easy and quick operation. The user can choose which add on to add to the Image, it can be cutout from another image, audio, text or paint and share it with limited or all of the contacts. In addition there is a possibility to invite a friend to virtual date by defining tool (Skype, face time etc.) and date. Research and development context

ImageIn is an interactive prototype made in Invision tool and can be installed on the mobile (iPhone 5).