Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Program

Toot project, winner of the IXD Award in 2015

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Designing Advanced Artifacts, Environments and Services

The Master of Arts (MA) in Interaction Design SUPSI combines design thinking, prototyping techniques, digital fabrication, programming, and physical computing in one study program addressing the realization of projects in which the interaction between the design culture and the technological development allows to generate design-driven innovations.

The program places Interaction design at the center of an original curriculum where it serves as the key element in the design of Advanced Artifacts, Environments, and Services. The goal of the master is to train skilled professionals who play a key role within the most innovative industrial and design fields.

2048+ project of the digital fabrication course in 2015/16

The Educational Model

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Methods and Approaches

The educational model of the master's study program focuses on methods and processes to generate innovations. Students have the opportunity to acquire Human Centred Design methods for the analysis and the solution of design problems and to autonomously practice research methods.

A pragmatic problem-solving approach to design is applied in a laboratory environment. Peer-to-peer learning, iterative processes and the rapid prototyping of digital and physical solutions qualify the students to pursue careers in industry, research and design agencies, wherever technological innovation and design meet.

Piano Synth project of programming interactive objects

Design-driven Courses

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Topics and Courses

The courses are held by well-recognized lecturers and in collaboration with an established network of organizations, research centers, design practices and companies.

Topics such as user experience design, service design, user interface design, open design, spatial design are taught through design-driven courses that allow students to develop digital ecosystems, IoT products, web and mobile applications, data visualization systems, interactive installations and exhibitions.

Courses held by interaction designers, computational designers and creative technologists allow the students to learn programming and physical computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital fabrication techniques, and the use of web technologies and tools to deliver working prototypes.

The Master in Interaction Design gives to students the basic knowledge required to set up a business plan and sustain a pitch to investors in the event that they want to launch a startup.

Academic Year 2024/2025

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