The object is thought to have an educational function to understand how RGB colors works by layering it is composed of three circles of three different sizes and different colors, red, green, blue, . Through six control bars (three for each circle that represent red, green and blue) the user can change color and have an idea of how the RGB palette works. The three colored circles are rotating, reproducing the movement of the hands of a clock and by a slight transparency, the mix of colors is continuous and always different.

Interface, interaction modality and user experience

The project is designed specifically for interaction with users, they can interact with it using the control bars that change the colors. Users that interact have the opportunity to understand in a playful way the world of RGB. The object is simple and intuitive, you can customize according to your curiosity colors of the three circles using simple control bars, each one is indicated in the corresponding circle and color. Technology

The code was developed with processing software. The project is based on the library controlP5, which allows through Control Bars to adjust the color of three rotating circles around a point, has been established starting color for each circle but can be changed as desired. The rotation of these three elements is given by a different variable for each one of them, and inspired by the starting color of each circle, red is fast, green has an average speed while blue is very slow.