As our communication nowadays is restricted to the digital world behind our screens, we are by that ignoring the importance of tangible communication in our lives. Being able to touch and feel objects, have a deeper connection than just sending texts or even having phone calls. Printship is a mobile app that connects people who are away from each other, not only through the digital world but also through the physical one by customizing, sharing and printing 3D objects.

Interface, interaction modality

Printship interface is easy to use in order to create objects and modify them. The main aim is to send and share physical objects with friends and family. It uses sequential steps in the objects creation process, in order not to confuse users by all the different possibilities they can implement, as this is the main hero flow of the application. Although the home page might seem quite complicated to understand and to navigate from, it was designed for people to easily find all the necessary components for them to send objects to friends and family in special occasions and events. In the home page, different sliders and a swap movement are used to match the person and the object the user wants to send. In the main hero flow of creating objects users can tap on different icons to do different commands. The user can always undo and go to the previous step in the object creation process. Also, he can return at the homepage at anytime. The user can save, modify, send, like, print different objects on both his private domain but also from the public one. User experience

Printship is a mobile application for people who have no previous experiences in 3d printing. It allows users to search and create objects through simple guided steps, using a picture, existing 3d models, or by drawing a 2d shape and extrude it. Each step is defined through a screen, and lead to the next one to make it easier for the user to create objects and share them with their friends and family. They can change color, and add text to customize their objects through a user friendly and colorful interface. Printship app is personal app used mainly between family and friends allowing only exchange of physical objects, no calling or messaging are integrated only objects comments, in order not to diffuse the focus of the application.