The application offers the possibility to a selected group of people to get in touch with the user according to a precise schedule and through a series of reminders. In addition to common functionalities such as the direct messaging, social networks image and video sharing, this mobile app features a system for the creation and scheduling of events.

Interface, interaction modality and user experience

The interaction is simple and intuitive; the design is clean and basic. I used the same colors for each menu. From the icon on the top left the user can always open the menu and navigate freely in the application. From the top right icon user can access the settings section. The user experience is thought to be clear and useful, the user don’t have to be overwhelmed from too many options and possibilities, the application aim to be useful just for remind events and give the connection with all the social networks accounts. Technology

Firstly i sketched my main idea on paper, to understand clearly the function of the application, than I started with the information architecture and the hero flow, after that I did the main wireframes and finally I realized the visual design. After having all my visuals I uploaded them to the website to create my prototype.