The Contenders is a Processing multiplayer game based on team play where each team has to join objects to their home wall or to the last joined object. Each students developed a character/player by exploring the possibility of implementing physics and interactive effects by using Processing.

Interface, interaction modality and user experience

The idea of the project was to develop a player object that participates in the arena game running on a server. The player created runs on a processing environment in the server. Each user playing the game will use a client stub to manipulate the player on the server. The client creates a message of the keys pressed by the user and sends them to the server. Technology

The characters of The Contenteders are developed with Processing framework and by using the FISICA Library. Each character is controlled by the keyboard. Research and Development Context

For the programming course we developed and application that could serve to connect different computers in a network. The main point was to understand that different systems can be interconnected with processing.