A group based network to connect, talk and share thoughts and time with family and friends. Inspired from other messaging social networking applications, this is a group social networking application for different groups created by users to interact with each other. The application allows users to share feeds, photos and calendar with the members of a group. It also allows users to have voice and video calls with users in the group.

Interface, interaction modality and user experience

The project is a mobile application for android based phones. The interface is designed for touch screen android phones. It is a web based application. It’s a simple application for users to connect based on standard Android’s interaction patterns. The user experience is designed to be simple to give the users a feel of spending time with friends as if they are physically present. The context of this application is to provide a virtual space for friends and families to spend time together like they were physically together. Research and development context

The concept for this project was to develop a social networking application for students away from home to connect with family and friends.