Travel.Sense is a mobile application designed for students abroad and people traveling a lot that might enjoy an effective, simple and emotional way to keep a diary and to share it. The core function is the vocal comment that user can add after taking a picture by recording it directly with the phone. This give completeness to the picture allowing to feel the ambient sound and the user mood in that moment enclosed in his voice.

Interface, interaction modality and user experience

The project is a mobile application for smartphones. It uses the common browsing methods of modern touchscreen smartphones (by gestures) and follows the main Apple and Android OS interface guidelines. The application is simple and clean, focused on the content (mainly pictures). Three are the main parts:

  1. pictures browsing and view (by date, places, favorite pictures slide shows and single picture view);
  2. new pictures taking and comment recording;
  3. content sharing.

The sequence of actions for adding contents, browsing them and the contact chat is intuitive because it is similar to other mobile application like Instagram and Whatsapp and follows the main mobile application rules. Research and development context

The application can be developed for lots of platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad and web. The second main feature that from the beginning has been planned but not implemented in the actual version is the possibility to have a live presentation of the contents with his contacts. This function offers to your contacts to talk with you and see a visual feedback on screen of each finger touch for a better and more immediate understanding of what the picture shows.