Easy Feed is a mobile application made for students living far away from home. It gives them quick easy recipes to cook and they can update what and when they cook, to keep their family members updated. It also lets students facing language issues, upload pictures in another language and translate it to a favorable language. Interface and interaction

Easy Feed has been partially developed as an interactive prototype, with few screens, with the typical iPhone gestures. It is based on food and recipes from friends and family. Although its complicated in its on way, its easy to use for both students and family back home. User experience

The application has a number of features, like uploading recipes, translating some image with text into your favorable language, suggesting recipes, real time updates of what the student is cooking when. The main idea behind the application was to update family back home about what their child is cooking and eating, as it is one the major concerns of parents far away from children. Since it’s a social networking app, it has many levels to it, although the navigation is simple and straight forward. Documentation

Live prototype: http://invis.io/ANJKNAQU