The New Years Clock is a colorful minimalistic clock. As the name suggests it’s a clock that one can use for a celebration as it shows a pattern as soon as it’s twelve o clock, suggesting that the day has arrived. Its different as the app does not have three disc but it uses the idea of gradient for the second’s hand.

Interface, interaction modality and user experience

The clock is a purely visual clock, that the user can interact with, and change the color and shape by just playing with the cursor. It’s a Digital clock, so it would need a screen to be displayed on. It is resizable, simple, building anticipation and vibrant. It could be used as a screen saver in mobile/tablet/laptop devices. Technology

The code allows you to create a clock, where each segment of time (second, minutes, hours) is represented by a disc. The disc has a gradient and they can be resized and deformed by the user. The position of the cursor changes the shape and the color of the discs. The code explores the method of “flocking” to create a pattern that is displayed when the three segments of time point at 12. I used the if else condition to achieve the pattern at 12, and beginShape function to create the disc with the gradient. The color keeps fading as the time ticks.