Good Rest is an intelligent alarm clock designed for the wellness and improvement of your sleep, reducing smartphone screen-time at night. It helps you kick-start your day in an easy way, giving you all the information you need before getting out of bed.

Through its user-centered interface you will be able to check the weather, time and choose your favorite tone, analysis of your sleeping of the past days and set different alarms.

Interface and interaction modality

The product combines both technological and analogue features. It comes with a consistent and predictable user interface, designed specifically for the device.

User experience

The user will interact with it in an easy and intuitive way, both by using the knobs, buttons and the touch screen. Since it’s designed to reduce technology use before sleep, it preserves only the main features of a regular alarm clock.

Research and development context

Good Rest was inspired by a vintage alarm to which the most recent technological features were added. In a future version, it could also be connected to other application from different devices, like smartphones, smartwatches and smart lightning, with the aim of generating a relaxing environment to improve your sleep, resting time and give you a more accurate analysis of your health.