This project is a personal exploration into creative coding combining Processing and sound material. The aim was to prototype an interactive and sound-reactive visual tool for a specific song. Creative Monday is my interpretation of it. Inspired by the single cover of “Blue Monday - New Order”, there are two main scenes that you can choose from to interact and play with the music.

Interface and interaction modality & User experience

The interaction with the screen happens by mouse clicks and key pressed. In the first scene (key “0”) the user can interact with the music by mouse clicks and moving the mouse in the canvas. Every two mouse clicks more circles will appear on the screen until it reaches 6 circles, each element follow the mouse around the canvas. By pressing the key “z” on the keyboard the circles are replaced by rects that rotate on themselves.

The key pressed “1” activates the second scene, where there are strings of dots spaced between the x, y and z axis. By moving the mouse horizontally, the dots will be more distant on the right, or more near on the left. If the keys “R”, “G” , “B” the color of the dots will change.

The user can play around with the two scenes trough the entire song.

Research and development context

Everything started out with the animation of a dot. It is during the research phase that I found out the cover of the song that I choose was very graphic, so I got inspired and I tried to mimic and remix that. For further developments I should implement the chance to counting the circles back.