The aim of the project was to innovate one of the biggest pieces of design. I chose the “Valentine” typewriter by Ettore Sottsass and Briton Perry King for Olivetti. Valentype is a typewriter that allows users to write documents by using shared files on the Google documents platform. The hole design of the Valentype follows the Valentine’s guidelines: the shapes are sinuous and uneven but perfectly symmetrical.

Interface and Interaction Modality

The main interface used is a shared file on Google docs, that’s why by writing on the keyboard of the smartphone placed on the lower part of the typewriter, the user will see the written sentences on the main iPad screen placed as if it was a paper sheet.


The main parts of the prototype were made by lasercutting and engraving 4mm wood sheets, the back body was made with the CNC machine on a 13 mm wood sheet and the knobs were made with the 3D printer with PLA; the internal body was cut by hand.

User Experience

The goal of the physical device development has been to walk the line of the already-known Valentine typewriter by innovating it with a well-known and used technology such as shared files.

Research and Development Context

The prototype would be developed by adding a handle to the bottom part, as the Valentine presents.


In the development of this concept the main reference has been the actual Valentine typewriter by Ettore Sottsass and Briton Perry King for Olivetti.