YMCK is a mix between a plotter machine and an inkjet printer. Our goal was to build a machine capable of creating an abstract piece of art. For that we combined the features of Arduino with digital fabrication to achieve the right visual outcome. YMCK comes from the original initials “CMYK” of cyan, magenta, yellow and black, the colors used by printers. The combination of these primary colors are the base to obtain a wider palette.

Interface and interaction modality & User experience

It consists of a colorful spinning plate machine which the user can manage to create a less predictable painting. The user interaction occurs by controlling the speed of the spinning plate, choosing the color and also where it will be placed. The spin is what gives the randomness touch to the outcome. The user experience happens with the surprising result. The painting can be then signed by the user.

Research and development context

The drawings created recall the works of abstract expressionism and because of it YMCK could be proposed as an attraction for modern art exhibitions. The project could also be set in the educational context, a way to help kids express theirselves during art lectures, experimenting with colors and paintings .