2ndo.ch is the only online platform in Ticino that offers high quality service for the buying and selling of secondhand garments. By collecting from and delivering right to the user’s doorstep 2ndo is a reliable partner for both selling and buying your clothes that can help you reducing the hassle of clearing the wardrobe. After the collection each piece of clothing will be given a new life by going through a careful selection process and professional promotion on the website. It will then be delivered to its new owner in perfect condition, clean and disinfected. 2ndo.ch’s long-term goal is to emphasise the individuality of fashion, while promoting eco-friendly and sustainable consumption across Switzerland. Ultimately, the aim is to redefine the concept of a traditional thrift store by educating the users and rewarding their eco-friendly behaviour with credits and special discounts.

Interface and Interaction modality

The interface will have two modalities, namely selling and buying. The buy section will allow the users to explore and buy the available merchandise. Women’s, Men’s and Kids’ sections will display all the merchandise (clothes, shoes and accessories). While the Inspiration section will propose outfits and selected items. Lastly, in Feeds, it will be possible to find a lot of interesting information about sustainability, fashion and garments care. The sell section will be activated through an onboarding process upon the user’s first entry in this area. Afterwards this section will work as inventory for those who become sellers.

User experience

The interaction will be very simple. The navigation on the website will be allowed without a subscription up until the moment the user will decide to sell or buy an item. The users will not interact with each other and 2ndo will work as the central touchpoint for all the transactions and customer service practices. During the onboarding process to become a seller, the user will be given all the the basic information on how to sell on 2ndo and will have to confirm that they have read and understood the standard regulations. Subsequently the user will be guided and assisted through preset forms, which will be then forwarded to 2ndo’s agents who will run a first check on the merchandise. An estimate of the potential proceeds will be provided to the user for his acceptance before the merchandise is collected. A return policy will be implemented accordingly to the needs of the users. The unsold merchandise will be returned or donated depending on the user’s request.

Further developments

Once the website has gone live and established a user base, a mobile application will be made available. In the future, the possibility of a brick and mortar collection point where users can try on the merchandise before accepting it may be explored.