Tailored-ARX is a solution that allows brands (producing customized luxury fashion dress shirts and with an e-commerce), to make their customers/users wear the dress shirt virtually, thanks to an Augmented Reality tool and Instagram Stories, so that they can see how it fits before purchasing.

Interface and Interaction modality

The customization and try-on experience belong in the interaction phase. Everything happens between the user, his devices, the brand’s digital and social media presence and the AR experience.

When the user decides to customize his dress shirt, an implemented service in the form of a simple quiz will ask 3 questions. This will help to guide the user in better defining the personality of the shirt he's customizing. As a result, the website will offer some options for the pattern design of the dress shirt.

After customizing the shirt, the customer can see a summary including all details and a preview of the dress shirt in 2D. By clicking a dedicated button, the user can activate the dress shirt’s try-on AR experience leveraging the Instagram camera and interface.

Thanks to the AR experience, the user can virtually wear the shirt he has designed and customized and, if he likes it, he can proceed with the purchase. The shirt is then produced and shipped. When the shirt arrives to the user, he will also receive a gift card with a QR code which will allow him to try a few different new Instagram backgrounds based on the answers he gave on the quiz he took at the beginning.

User Experience

The experience starts even before the customization of the shirt with a simple survey questionnaire, that helps the user to choose the most suitable pattern for him based on his answers. During the experience the user can virtually try-on the shirt as well as obtaining some special background to use on Instagram Stories. The experience continues after the purchase: the user can decide to post, on his Instagram account, the pictures he took wearing the dress shirt. Using a specific hashtag, monitored by the brand to spot the most liked pictures, the user becomes a testimonial of the brand.

Further developments

Further implementations could see the addition of more Instagram filters to use when the user has already got the physical shirt. For example accessories like hats or sunglasses, or something specific from other local brands which are partnering with Old Captain Co., or funny elements (like a parrot on the shoulder), fitting with the pattern of the shirt.

It could also be imagined that the purchasing and try-on experience could also be entirely host on Instagram.

Another development could see the 2D dress shirt shown in the summary have an interactive behavior (e.g. possibility to change its appearance without the need to take the survey and go through the whole process again).