The requirement of this project is to design an intelligent service experience that satisfies unmet needs, and lead to a concept that can be developed and prototyped. The initial guidelines set as area of research Health and Well-being for senior (aged 65+ years) users. After some initial research, our team decided to focus on the problem of diabetes prevention and especially on giving lifestyle support during the crucial and underestimated phase of prediabetes.

Research and Development Context

A large research phase anticipated the ideation of the final concept. The initial hypothesis emerged only after some marketing analysis and user interviews, then it was reviewed again in order to simplify the user experience and provide useful and easy to manage service.

Interaction Modality and User Experience

The service we designed comes to the user through different touchpoints (digital and physical). As a digital touchpoint, we developed and prototyped an app that provides the user with a high level of service personalization that still leaves him with simple and enjoyable experience. As a final touchpoint, the user gets a physical product based on his personal needs and requirements.