MeDrawn attempts to portray deeply human activities through the perceptual reference of a machine, with the question of how machines interpret human movement and expression lying at the crux of this project. Our tool can be used in a variety of different situations where body movement is involved, but for our prototype we narrow down the concepts of the movement and human expression and focus on a singular activity, a yoga session. This choice was taken as we believe that there is a deep connection between yoga and art, a connection the project probes.

Interface and Interaction Modality

Me Drawn - Yoga Edition is a generative tool that identifies 5 distinct body parts which are then used as brushes to paint while doing yoga. To each body touch point is attributed a colour that corresponds to the chakra colour chart. Each brush can be customised to obtain different colours, stroke weight and effects. The canvas can be used in a traditional way, creating a unique and permanent art work or it can be used dynamically to create gifs or videos.

User Experience

Me Drawn is a tool that can be used in a variety of environments where body expression is significant. Such as dance events, sports, theatres, body language workshops or museums. The user experience has been designed to be playful and intuitive as the project accompanies yoga practitioners while they progress through their session.


To implement this generative tool we used the ML5.js library, focusing on the model PoseNET which allows for Real-time Human Pose Estimation. There is no requirement for additional technology outside of a laptop.

Research and Development

MeDrawn could be further developed by adding the possibility to personalise tools such as brushes, colours or patterns that will allow for customisable outcomes. Additionally, the implementation of a collaboration mode through which multiple users can collaborate to create artworks could be implemented. The project has potential to be developed as an installation used during ballet performances to heighten the performers movement, creating trails that emanate from the dancers extremities.