Lacy Clock is a texture-based clock that employs a basic lacemaking process and behavior. It visualizes the time through graphical objects, whose design is inspired by some specific lace fragments and textures. Interface and interaction modality

The graphical user interface is based on three columns for representing hours, minutes and seconds. The first graphical object, which is placed in the first column from left, represents hours, the second object represents minutes and third one represents seconds. Each graphical object has the same structure. The structure of objects is formed by dots, which create continuous arcs. Each arc represents a time unit. Lacy Clock draws an arc for every hour, minute and second. In order to read the time the user has to count every arc. For creating a complete lace, arcs are designed as thin as they can be. Due to arcs’ thinness, the background color is black in order to make the clock more readable. Technology

This project is built with the open source programming language and environment Processing. The program retrieves time data from users’ computer. User experience

Lacy Clock is a product of personal use for infotainment. Users can customize Lacy Clock within their needs. On the other hand for the cases of time-based and count-based works the user is able to assign a different status for certain arcs. Research and development contexts

This project was implemented in the context of considering and designing a new way for visualizing time and designing time visualization for specific circumstances. References