Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI MAInD turns into a Master of Arts in Interaction Design!


MAInD has reached a new milestone and has grown further into a far more appealing program.

Starting from the academic year 21-22, the program will switch from Master of Advanced Studies to Master of Arts in Interaction Design. What does this mean?

This shift actually implies a lot of advantages for the students.

To begin with, instead of two semesters, the study program will cover three semesters providing more training and activities. While the first semester focuses on in-depth workshops and courses about the Fundamentals of Interaction Design, the second is dedicated to project-based learning about Designing Advanced Artifacts, Designing Advanced Environments and Designing Advanced Services. The third semester is entirely dedicated to the thesis project. Students have the opportunity to do hands-on research on their own project and develop their competences with an internship at companies and industries. The Master of Arts diploma in Interaction design awards 90 ECTS.

The Master in Interaction Design will be hosted at the new SUPSI campus in Mendrisio, Ticino, Switzerland (10km from the Italian border). What’s’ more, at the campus students will have access to the brand-new big FabLab, which gives them the opportunity to develop their projects with the latest technologies and sophisticated machines available at the Lab.

Last but not least, the tuition fees will be way more convenient. For Swiss residents, the full program will cost 2’400.–; for International students (EU and Extra-EU), CHF 4’800.–.

Applications are now open.

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Main image: Project Leafact by Christina Rieder and Shiran Hirshberg