Certificate of
Advanced Studies

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Creating Kinetic Spaces

From Design to Experiences in Motion.

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Creating Kinetic Spaces. From Design to Experiences in Motion.

The CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Creating Kinetic Spaces explores the design of kinetic installations for physical spaces, with a strong focus on functionality and aesthetics.The program offers comprehensive training on designing for physical motion and digital control. Participants will gain knowledge about various aspects, including what kinetic installations are, the crucial considerations for design, prototyping, programming, and real-life implementation, and how to create them using digital fabrication techniques. By the end of the CAS, students will have the ability to answer these questions and will be proficient in designing a kinetic system utilizing digital fabrication techniques and electronics.


The program is designed to provide training for professionals employed in creative media firms, interior design and architecture studios, as well as for designers and artists. Its focus is on teaching participants how to create engaging experiences for physical spaces, interiors, and architectural projects by integrating technological components and kinetic solutions.The program is suitable for companies and professionals that wish to gain knowledge about the process, management, and technologies involved in creating kinetic visual and spatial designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Intensive 3-Week Program.
35 Hours of Online Lectures and Tutorials.
Personalized 1:1 Coaching.


The course is divided into three intensive one-week modules and incorporates a series of lectures featuring industry leaders (both online and onsite). Additionally, there are online technical learning sessions. This program offers an introduction to both fundamental and specialized knowledge. Participants will have the opportunity to develop functioning prototypes and demo projects with the guidance and support of industry experts. The learning experience involves a combination of research, practice-driven lectures, and tutoring sessions. By the end of the course, participants will have gained the necessary skills to develop their own art of motion.

One-on-one personalized coaching is provided through meetings with experts. Students have access to tutoring on various topics, including the production and project management of large-scale kinetic and interactive installations. The overall objective is to address questions related to the management processes, challenges, and opportunities associated with implementing kinetic installations as a business product.

Course dates
1-5 July 2024
30 September - 4 October 2024
25-29 November 2024

Application deadline
30 April 2024


The program is designed to span over a period of 5 months, with the students' on-site presence required only during three intensive one-week modules. These modules take place at Campus SUPSI in Mendrisio, where students participate in lectures, studio and fabrication work, external talks, tutoring sessions, and practical exercise development. Prior to each module, students are required to attend brief online technical learning sessions and access online resources to acquire foundational skills in relevant tools and methods. Additionally, some online lectures are organized during the intervals between the modules.

Who can apply?

The program is intended for companies and professionals who wish to either learn from scratch or enhance their skills in designing kinetically-enhanced solutions for various applications such as interiors, exhibitions, museums, retail displays, advertising campaigns, events, and temporary architecture. Applicants must hold a BA or MA degree and possess a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in design, art, architecture, creative technology, or performative arts. In cases where there are gaps in academic titles or professional experience, applications are evaluated based on portfolio assessment.

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