Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI MAInD Thesis Exhibition


MAInD students 18/19 are looking forward to presenting their final projects to the public on Thursday, 18 July 2019 at Campus Trevano, starting from 4pm.

Congratulations to all of them for their passion and hard work throughout the entire programme!

Caterine Apruzzese
Talki. Learning Languages through play in early childhood.
Tutor: Vanessa De Luca

Alekhya Lakshmy
Buddy. Personalised Skincare recommendation.
Tutor: Antonio De Pasquale

Bertelli Gianfranco
Remedy. A digital system that helps to manage yours health treatments.
Tutor: Andrea Renna

Michela Burzio
Invisible Food Process. An interactive game to test your knowledge about conscious food purchase.
Tutor: Fabio Franchino

Nydia Chavarria Pimentel
FREI. A digital tool for outdoor enthusiasts living with breathing allergies.
Tutor: Alessandra Angelucci, Nicolò Calegari

Paolo Crocè
Wnder. A digital service that offers an immersive historical experience during the journeys of young digital travelers.
Tutor: Nicolò Calegari

Andrew Fair
Wine Link. New Media in Wine Marketing.
Tutor: Matteo Loglio

Shiran Hirshberg
Greenest. A service offers end-to-end hiking experience.
Tutor: Fabio Franchino

Silvia Natale
SchoolNote. A digital compensatory tool thought for students with learning disabilities.
Tutor: Mattia Parietti

Giorgio Ratti
Conversational Interfaces for Sustainability. Nudging users to reduce home supplies consumption.
Tutor: Ilaria Scarpellini

Christina Rieder
Light Echo with music from Parallels. A conceptual musical performance experience that uses a smart textile interface.
Tutor: Ubi De feo, Zoe Romano

Stefanoni Fabio
AR Square Kit. Augmented Reality for a playful learning experience.
Tutor: Lorenzo Romagnoli

Leyla Tawfik
Ethafa. An educational kit to teach programming and electronics through playful interactive stories.
Tutor: Serena Cangiano