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Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Machine Learning for Creatives 2019



Machine Learning for Creatives is a creativity and innovation workshop happening from 24 July to 27 July 2019 at the Museum of Digital Art (MuDA), in Zurich. It proposes a learning journey in which teams of students, artists-designers and researchers are enabled to collaboratively create prototypes based on AI and ML technologies thanks to simplified workflows, tools and open resources.

This 4-day workshop provides an introduction to artificial intelligence and the related creative applications. Participants learn how to include AI in their projects, and to experiment with some simple tools created for artists and designers.

The initial part covers a high-level definition of what is artificial intelligence in general and machine learning in particular. Then we will look at existing projects that use this technology in the fields of art, science, design. In the second part of the workshop, participants will experiment using machine learning as a tool. Some existing web-based libraries are used, and many examples will be provided. Some introductory programming tools will be used to start experimenting with machine learning, in particular, ML5.js and Wekinator. Participants will also be involved in the creation of new projects, starting from the ones provided, effectively experimenting first-hand in tweaking the data and algorithms. Some of the experiments will cover machine-generated poetry, style transfer between images, teaching machines how to recognize different objects, and more!

Target audience

The workshop is open for everyone interested in (and curious to explore) AI in a creative practice. No previous experience in machine learning is required, but a bit of previous coding experience is appreciated, as most of the tools are code-based. Maximum number of partcipants is 26.


Matteo Loglio, interaction designer.
Alessandro Giusti, senior researcher at IDSIA Instute Dalle Molle SUPSI/USI.
Danilo di Cuia, developer and designer at Arduino with a focus in Human Computer Interaction.
Serena Cangiano, researcher at SUPSI and program coordinator.

Dates and place

24 - 27 July 2019
MuDA, Museum of Digital Art, Zurich




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Registration deadline: June 10, 2019
Notice: Participants must bring their own laptop


CHF 370.-
For students: CHF 300.-


MAS in interaction Design SUPSI,
MuDA, Museum of Digital Art Zurich,

With the support of: Hasler Stiftung,
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