ToastMe is a new and unique way to interact with Super Marshmallow Kingdom game. The controller allows the user to have a better harmony between the game and the knob, developing the actual state of interaction offered with keyboards, usually used to play Super Marshmallow Kingdom. This aspect is stressed by the design of the controller: it is coherent with the game itself. A toast is the main character of the game, which has to escape from some marshmallows that drop down from the ceiling. He has to escape because he ate a brown muffin that was a citizen of the marshmallow kingdom. The king marshmallow commanded the soldiers to eliminate the toast.

Interface and interaction modality

The interface of the controller is a 3D toaster. I chose this kind of interface because I wanted to design a controller that is coherent with the game itself. The character is a toast, so the idea came in my mind merely. The commands of the game are very simple and intuitive. The character can go only on the right, on the left and up; so the commands are only three. The ToastMe has three push buttons, two buttons-shaped toasts and one black button. The two toasts allow the user to go right and left. The interaction is very simple: the user presses the toast on the left if he wants to go on that direction, and the same for the right movement. The black button is for jumping and the interaction is the same as the two buttons-shaped toasts; the user has to push it. ToastMe is connected to the computer with a common USB wire.

User Experience

ToastMe, made for Super Marshmallow Kingdom allows a more pleasurable user experience, more than a classic keyboard. The user is even more involved: he has to quickly move his hands, and not only his fingers, as usual keyboards and controllers do. So, the user will experience a full immersion into Super Marshmallow Kingdom’s world. The usage of the knob is as easy as other controllers: it is very intuitive, thanks to its basic movements and the placement of the single push buttons.