The Partify Controller is a physical interface that allows users to control a Spotify playlist being far from the computer the app is running on. During parties is quite dangerous to leave technologic and as well expensive devices exposed to party people; the goal of this prototype is to move the controlling interface away from the risk of damaging computers, letting people control the Spotify interface without issues, keeping enjoying the party.

Interface and interaction modality

The Parity Controller behaves as a normal remote controller and the interface choices are the one already deeply rooted in the users’: buttons with icons to handle previous track, next track, play/pause and a physic wheel that recalls the volume gestures of the iPod Classic. The prototype is designed to interact with the Spotify desktop application and it has to be connected via usb wire.


The Partify Controller uses a joypad controller board whose physical contacts are mapped on the Spotify desktop application main interaction. The development and interface choices are related to the Spotify software limit in term of usb interface mapping, since the controller is totally Spotify software’s dependent.

 User Experience

As mentioned before the goal of the physical device development has been to walk the line of the already-known music controller interfaces, trying to go as simple as possible. Since the device is designed to be used during parties the buttons are quite big, to let even drunkest people at the party interact. The future releases will be designed also with a system of led illumination, to make the interaction even simpler and intuitive in low-luminosity conditions.

Research and development context

At the moment the prototype has not been tested in real environment of a party. In the future it would be tested in stability of the interaction, in its reliability and in its strength and durability. The stress test of a real party with real party people behaviors will give more clear informations than the actual prototype.


In the development of this concept the main references has been the ideal concept of remote controller, with a particular reference to the iPod Classic wheel volume handling ui design.