2048+ is the controller for the computer game 2048. The concept of this computer game is join the same numbers and get to the 2048 tile, using the arrow keys, left, right, up and down of the keyboard, to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. 2048+ allows the movements of the game without the use of keyboard, but only by shifting the controller on its x and y axis.

As said above, the game consists in adding the numbers, so the controller has the shape of a plus. In this way by rotating the controller to the left, right, up and down it takes the place of the symbol plus between the two numbers and It allows the addition.

Interface, interaction modality and user experience

Through 2048+ the player is not using the keyboard, but the tangible interface, the plus. Moving the plus, that in which there is a metal ball inside, in addition to the visual sense enables the sense of touch and hearing. Through the noise caused by the ball that slamming against the wall of the controller, the player has a sound confirmation and he perceives the physical movement of the displacement of the numbers, present in the digital interface, upward, down, right and left. Through these simple steps and intuitive and natural gestures, the player also develops coordination.


The metal ball inside the plus it allows to close the circuit on the joypad board. Moving the ball upward it closes the circuit in the same way that it is done by pressing the up arrow on the keyboard, same thing with the other commands down, right and left. This new commands were soldered on the joypad board, and this last is connected via USB to the computer. After that, using the plug-in USB Overdriver, the commands that are interested to control the 2048 game, they are reassigned.

Research and development context

The controller 2048+ is a tangible interface that allows you to play and have fun without the compulsory using, like in 2048 computer game, of the keyboard as a controller. It allows to increase the potential and the tangibility of the game, through the involvement of the senses.

With 2048+ you can enjoy the game and at the same time exercise the coordination with small movements. The potential development of the project is like in 2048 games and related forms, in the kind of arcade games.