TOKI is a meaningful and fun platform, which is a combination of collectible figurines which are cultural icons and an ipad app aiding telepresence, from which to share and learn about different cultures, environments and people via direct interaction and transfer of knowledge. Therefore, I have decided to create an object based media using a device in common proliferation (an ipad tablet) in order to create an engrossing and culturally educative experience that would be fun and helpful to society by way of its mission. Using mediating objects, namely cultural icons, towards this end would be the way to go for me. The medium would be a game with a telepresence aspect to it.

Interface and interaction modality

The main medium of interaction here is a direct input via the figurine, the main aim of which is to locate/trace its place of origin and in return the figurine rewards you by connecting you with a person from its land. The connections are all random and each time you use the device, you view a perspective different from the one you previously had. This keeps the experience fresh and satisfies the condition of broadening perspectives and bridging cultural schisms by providing these people with an intimate view of the highs and lows of different civilisations and constant exposure to different cultures and ways of living. Research and development context

This product would facilitate formal/informal learning and education besides being of use in creating awareness of our surrounding and the world around us in general. The next steps from here would be to integrate different touch points besides the ipad in order to diversify the experience and make it slightly different. These could include installations, connections to video games/virtual worlds like second life, social media features and so on.