Titou is a portable and wearable medium (device and Application), for music lover that let the user have a fully empathic experience by listening music trough an innovative and engaging service. The concept has been inspired from the Renard of the little prince. In particular a relation between two friends that grow day by day is a very interesting thing for the project. The main features that characterize Titou are two. It is a learning object that by recording a number of Perfect Moments is able to play the kind of music right in every situations. It let the user be contaminated from other’s people music, so whenever there is the wish of having an environmental contamination by other’s people music it will be possible, by just tapping the earphones or press a button in the application, open the device to the music that the people around are listening. What this project aim to achieve, is not only a formal aspect of the interaction, but it is trying to define a new interaction between the user and music device and a way to process the informations that is not just data, but is something more human and empathic.

Interface and interaction modality

Being a complex ecosystem of object and application, the interaction aim to be clear and intuitive. The main concept is to design a product that just need one movement to understand what are the user’s intentions. To use the Titou’s earphones just a few taps are required and depending on the sequence the to play pause, go forward and backward. The player on the application applies the same Interaction module to control music as the object. The User experience of this ecosystem is well delineated and unitary for both the application and the earphones. The effort made went in the direction of establish a Titou Interaction Modality, in order to make the actual use coherent and simple. The style of Titou is colored and playful, especially in the application the mood is displayed by a color scale that goes from warm, for the high values, to the cold ones for the low values. User Experience

The experience is basically focused on the music consuming. The use of all the systems is coherent and the user is guided to use titou by a teaser at the first use of the application. Titou is a project for the music consumer, thought for the everyday life and for a wide range of environments and situations. The idea is to have an object that follow the users mood and that can really create an attachment with the system, giving a bigger value to the thing. Prototype