Heat uses a thermal paper roll to create six lines along the paper. The darkness of the lines varies gradually and is different for each line. An Arduino controls the temperature of six heads and an algorithm defines the final visual result. Through a stepper motor the Arduino also controls the speed of the process. The final artwork consists in a segment of the paper that has to be removed from the machine.

Words wants to explore the link between generative art and language by producing short poems. The code generating the poem does not create real words: letters are picked randomly, and the chance of each letter to be picked depends on the last letter picked, on the length of the word, and on the length of the line. The final result is displayed on a LCD display that can be detached from the machine to eventually become the final artwork. The machine starts to generate a new poem when a new screen is attached. The Arduino is activated when a screen is plugged into the socket. The composition of the poem is shown letter after letter on the display. Once the process is over the poem is displayed on the machine until someone detaches the screen.