The Chinese culture is known for being traditional and caring of their history. The city of Hangzhou is well known among other things, for the lake and the legend of the white snake lady. These two elements gave the inspiration to de development of an interactive object, to create a new experience. Based on the legend that is already mentioned there are two basic elements that will be used in the concept which are the umbrella used by the main character and the rain. These elements combined with the idea of developing an experience that will keep the mood of the spectators while he’s leaving the theater.

The issue that the work is attempting to address are connected to the fact that, in art is common that the spectator leaves the show with a feeling of lack in information about it. This due to the fact that the user is amazed by what it was presented. Then the spectator has the feeling of taking or remembering this moment forever.

The main goal of this proposal is to create and experience that keeps the mood of wonder after the end of the show, in each person. To achieve this, the moments to be taken into consideration are two, the first, when spectators come out from the show, the second, the time when they return home and after some time they feel the desire to remember the show. Is common to have objects which are related to important moments, every time a person uses them it creates a medium by the user and his memory. The second part of the project, enter into this type of relationship emphasize it. Storyboard

The user is invited to leave their sits, next to the exit of the theater in a visible position there would be the umbrellas located so the user can identify the objects. While crossing the door, a big room with N numbers of rain showers is discovered by the user. With the use of some affordance, the user can identify easily that he can grab an umbrella, use the umbrella in the room, and take it home. The user approaches to the rain shower, while he stands inside the ‘rain’ with the umbrella, a projection can be visualized under the umbrella. During the projection the water is lowered in intensity. The video is a small segment of information from the show, the story of the region or even information about the brand. After visiting some of the projection the user can leave the room taking the umbrella as a memoir of the show. The umbrella is delivered with a label attached to the product, that helps the user understand the following actions: . Open the umbrella and stand under the rain . Take the umbrella home . Scan the particular points in the umbrella at home to remind the show The user can arrive home download a mobile application in his phone from App Store or Google Play, which will open the camera of the phone and the user will have to point to the code in the umbrella, with this action the user may view some videos and special memoirs developed only for the mobile application. Interaction mode

In this project the basic element of interaction is the umbrella. This object shall interact in a natural and simple way with the user to bring the best of the experience. There are different moments where the user will use this object; the first moment is when the user obtains the umbrella will leaving his seat. The second interaction is while the user discovers that it has to be used under the rain point which includes the projector, and the system to control the water. The next step is that the user can view the projection on the umbrella. After participating with the umbrella on the interactive environment, the user has a last interaction with umbrella. The object can be taken home and with the use of a smart phone, it can visualize some media material.