AThis is an mobile based service/application, designed for RSI, where the main aim was to create an app that had the flavour of the locality and was yet able to maintain and grow a user base amongst the region’s youth in particular. Here the main aim is to play a quiz game along the lines of “Guess where?”, with user generated photos. The main features are therefore to discover places you didn’t know existed, generate questions and challenges to expose your users to places you find exciting/new and to challenge friends in a heads up mode to see if they are as astute as you in their knowledge of the locality. Considering the youth demographic that was to be our target, we tried to keep the app immersive and to create a system where every question was challenging and provide an overall experience that was engaging while maintaining that element of surprise as well.

Research goal

The main context with regards to this app was to create an experience/service which would be of great interest to young people, all the while sticking to the core tenets of the RSI brand as well and to bring forth a greater exposure to the territory and acceptance of the brand amongst this particular demographic. Interaction mode

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