Anchio is a mobile application for teenagers to express their thoughts and opinions through pictures and a few words. Teenagers can communicate with each other effectively and more sympathetically. Since pictures are a very powerful tool for expression, teenagers are encouraged to use it to express their opinions. By picking a picture that shows how they think or feel, they can quickly and efficiently express themselves. Users can add a short sentence to the pictures creating their own opinion. Additionally discussions are raised using the same mechanism, more easy and quick as well as compatible for the mobile experience. Using the Anchio button, users can show their compassion to others. Users’ identity are kept a secret, and they use the application through a cartoonish identity they create for themselves. By that, teenagers can feel more secured and safe to open or discuss any topic freely. This also adds a playful atmosphere to the application, making it more attractive for teenagers. Anchio intend to create a community of empathic and engaging teenagers by providing them with an open platform to express themselves freely and help each other. This is why Anchio is the only mobile platform that empowers empathy and sense of belonging using collaborative playful interactions.