A clock, which forecasts weather and temperature for 5 days and for 5 different cities. The clock is a modern derivative of the classic cuckoo clock, in this particular design for 8 different weather conditions there are 8 different birds associated. Interface, interaction modality and user experience

The Weather Cuckoo Clock is similar in design to a cuckoo clock. The user interacts with the device to configure the city as well as the day of forecast. The city is selected using a knob on the side of the clock. The day for forecast is selected by pulling a chain hanging from the same. The clock is connected to a surrounding Wi-Fi network to read the weather from the Internet. The birds and the associated music give an indication to the user about the weather condition. The product maintains the existing clock interaction just modifying the bird and the sound depending on the weather. The temperature can be read from the rotating temperature indicator. References

Arduino weather Clock, Cryoscope A Haptic Weather Forecasting Device Research on cuckoo clocks: The Past, Present, and Future of the Cuckoo Clock, Not Your Grandma’s Cuckoo: Decapitating, Rat-Eating Clocks of the Black Forest, Cool Designer Cuckoo Clocks.