Osmosis is a VIP lounge that presents itself as a transforming organism. This is realized by means of responsive architecture that transforms the space to accommodate its visitors. It provides an immersive environment meant to transcend audience expectations in a similar manner to the Cirque du Soleil shows itself. The lounge works in conjunction with the show to extend the sensation of wonderment beyond the performance theatre.

Interface and interaction modality

The classical circus tent, with its flexible surfaces pulled into tension with cables and towers conveys an impression of imminent flight. Pursuing this metaphor, this lounge environment is embodied as an organism that can fly. People who enter this space engage in an osmotic phenomenon whereby their actions and movements continuously redefine the environment, or more precisely, the morphology of the organism. User experience

The interaction scenario has three elements. The first element of interaction is the bar chairs and sofas. These chairs and sofas can recognize the presence or absence of people and can maintain a memory of their presence. The bar chairs and sofas are connected with the second element of interaction which is a ¬flexible ¬floor surface. This surface works similarly to the sofas and chairs. The final element is the architectural structure, which has numerous transformable elements, will be altered by people interacting with chairs, sofas and the floor. The architectural structure will alter itself based upon the tendency of visitors’ behavior. For example, if visitors enjoy themselves in a predominantly seated arrangement, the space will be affected as a calm and restful organism and architectural elements, that are integrated into the ceiling may move downward to refl¬ect the mood of intimacy. In opposite situations, where people are upright and moving about, the elements may move upward to create a more cavernous space. These interaction modes will incite people to create their own spaces. Thus this immersive environment embodies the characteristics of a transforming organism.