Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI My Voice Assistant Never Understands Me


Conversational AI can be a mystery, but in this talk we pull the curtain back on what makes up voice and chatbot assistants. From personality, technology, and dynamic interaction choices, you will learn how to make conversational AIs better.

Carie Cunningham

Carie Cunningham is a Director of Experience Design at VMLY&R currently working on Ford projects in and around electric vehicles, mobile apps, and autonomous vehicles. She leads the Voice, Center of Excellence for our global perspective on voice technology. Carie is a former Nuance/Cerence senior UX researcher, professor of media, and TV producer. Her lifetime research question centers around media communication and attention.


Lecture by Carie Cunningham


Monday 14th March 2022
4:30pm - 5:30pm


MEET | Digital Culture Center
Viale Vittorio Veneto, 2, Milano