Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Designing Design


In this session Chiara Lino & Giulia Bazoli will explore together why and how we, as designers, can challange and investigate our most established tools and methods across research and design. What are some problematic aspects of the way we currently frame people’s needs, behaviours, and identities in our practice? How can we, mindfully yet relentlessly, continue pushing forward the design discipline to participate in deeper societal change? The session is structured as an interactive dialogue rather than a lecture, encouraging a critical, inquisitive and participative approach.

Chiara Lino

Chiara Lino, UX Lead at Designit Oslo with a background in journalism, has a long exeperience in working with international and Norwegian organisations such as Nordea, Sanofi, and Cisco, pushing them to become more people-centric. In her UX practice, she looks closely not only at the whats, but also at the whys and hows of our discipline, trying to push the boundaries of critical approach to what we build and enable. Chiara is one of the IxDA leaders for the Oslo chapter, and has actively participated in growing and evolving the local design community for the past four years.

Giulia Bazoli

Giulia Bazoli, UX Lead and Diversity Equity and Inclusion champion at Designit Oslo, has over 10 years of experience across user research and UX design, collaborating with organisations in the private and public sectors such as the UK Government, Spotify, and DNB. She brings people-centricity in each of her projects, seeking every opportunity to elevate the standards for user research, embed inclusive recruitment practices, and measure the intentional and unintentional impact that the solutions we design have on people, communities and the environment.


Lecture by Chiara Lino & Giulia Bazoli from Designit Oslo


Tuesday 18 October 2022
01:30pm - 02:30pm