Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Co-design and Digital Fabrication to Create Innovative Circular Solutions


Circular Economy is the most impelling transformation we have to enact. It impacts all the sectors and involves everyone. In some cases, companies have a big economical incentive in becoming more circular, either because they reduce costs or increase competitiveness.  Other challenges are more complex to tackle. Those are the ones that can benefit from agile innovation done through codesign and digital fabrication.  Opendot is a fablab and open research hub, that is using these methods to accelerate the transformation in different areas, with a specific focus on food waste and loss.

Enrico Bassi

Enrico Bassi, graduated in “Design & Engineering” and “Product Design” at the Milan Polytechnic, worked as an Innovation Designer in Milan and Miami for three years. He coordinated the first Italian Fab Lab in 2011, Fab Lab Italia. Later he was president and coordinator of Fab Lab Torino, the public laboratory of Officine Arduino. In 2015 he completed the international “Fab Academy” course, a study program on Digital Manufacturing taught by MIT lecturer and founder of the first Fab Lab Neil Gershenfeld. In 2016 he became “instructor” of the new edition of the Fab Academy, held at Fab Lab Opendot, which he has been coordinating since 2014. He is the referent for several European and international projects, in particular on the theme of the circular economy and in support of people with disabilities. He has taught “Digital Manufacturing” and “Design & Engineering” in various universities and academies, including: LABA (Free Academy of Fine Arts of Brescia), NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts of Milan), Domus Academy (Milan) and the Master of advanced studies in interaction design of SUPSI (Lugano).


Open Lecture by Enrico Bassi


Thursday 18 November 2021
5:00pm - 5:45pm


Atelier Room A2.13
Building, level 2
Campus Mendisio SUPSI