Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Building Physical and Virtual Collaboration Spaces


Andrea Brena is a designer exploring human Interoperability in different kinds of organizations. He fosters collaboration at adidas and explores coordination in the web3 space at Protein. In this talk, he'll explore how to design for different organizational needs and how to find commonalities between them.

Andrea Brena

Andrea Brena is a designer by training exploring many aspects of the creative trade.

A Design Academy Eindhoven alumni, he has been tapping into different design disciplines such as fashion, design, architecture, and innovation exploring different ways to build his practice. He worked for for himself, for others, and with others enjoying the latter more. He currently works at adidas, heading one of the brand’s MakerLabs, innovation hubs that foster collaboration and exploration. He is also intrigued by the potential of blockchain technology and explores coordination and collaboration at Protein, a tokenized community or a social DAO that makes people and ideas grow.


Lecture by Andrea Brena from Adidas MakerLabs


Tuesday 8 November 2022
03:30pm - 04:30pm