Master of Arts
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Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Body No More


A talk about some of the lessons Mischa learned during his life as a designer:

"Why should you follow your most radical dream? Why did I start recently my VR-school in a desperate postindustrial village? Why should you start asap running your own institution or channel? What do I mean by “Entwurfsgestaltung”? How do I use sketches and mockup’s for innovation, improvisation, participation and spontaneity? What is the emerging incorporeality of avatars, metahumans, mannequins and manga-vroids? How do I use a digitally extended puppet stage for virtual production with public participation?"

Mischa Schaub

Born in 1952. Following an education as sculptor at the SfG Basel and the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Mischa studied Industrial Design at the RCA London, which he finished in 1978. Mischa worked as a watch designer at Omega for a year, did design chairs at Huanoff in NYC, came back to Basel in 1980. Worked mainly for Z&L Zürich for the client BMW. Started his own Design Research Agentur D AG in 1983, learned about Apple and CAD and Python, and made in 13 patents for clients such as Giroflex, Kaba and Wenger.

Mischa saw his first SGI workstation in 1986, and published a handbook for DuMont about his experience as a designer with such a design tool in 1988, and so he became director of the Institut für Bildmedien at the ZKM Karlsruhe till 1991. Published with Dumont a book on how to start a media institute in 1992 and started the nonprofit media agency HyperStudio AG at the CIM-Zentrum Muttenz in 1993. Founded HyperWerk at the HGK Basel in 1999 and directed this till 2017.

Made for the Landesmuseum a VR-show about Jakob Burckhardt in 2018. Started the Virtual Valley foundation and the “école du VRisme” in Senones, France in 2019. Learned just in time with the outbreak of Covid about virtual movie production and he is doing now a movie with 15 kids of the local Montessori school about space exploration. At the moment Mischa Schaub is preparing his first feature movie “body no more”. The film is about the disappearance of physicality, with the many advantages and disadvantages, worries and hopes that go with it.


Lecture by Mischa Schaub


Wednesday 12th January 2022
5:00pm - 5:45pm


Atelier Room A2.13
Building, level 2
Campus Mendisio SUPSI