Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Big kids making kits

#openlecture #24

Kano is a young company, with an eclectic group of creatives, coders, writers, thinkers and electrical geniuses working together towards a common passion - to create hardware and software for people of all ages to make and play with technology. This talk will aim to pick apart the attitudes, processes and the importance of play within our studio, our design approach and culture, telling the story of how a bunch of twenty-somethings hack, glue, solder, fail and experiment their way from an idea, to a product sold all around the world.

With a focus on the excitement and growing pains of being a product designer in a start-up company, as well as shedding some light on the realities and learnings of manufacturing and scaling a Kickstarter hardware project, the talk will offer insight on what it takes to build, grow and reach the masses. Expect stories of long nights, critical kids, guerrilla user testing and misbehaving circuit boards.

Bruno Schillinger

Bruno is a process-led product designer with a focus on combining form and detail with creative and informed design processes to create thoughtful and innovative products. Since studying product design at Central Saint Martins he has been working with both established tech companies, tech startups to push their technologies, and the way in which we interface with them, to new and unexpected places. Currently he works as as lead product designer at Kano computing, delivering new ways for people of any age to make, play and learn with technology.


Lecture by Bruno Schillinger,


Thursday 16th November 2017, h. 16:30


Atelier Maind/FabLab, Building A, level-1, Campus Trevano SUPSI