Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Fever Pitch

#openlecture #23

Luca Mascaro

Luca is an experience architect who always wants to push the discipline forward. In over 10 years of work and teaching experience, he has developed some new and innovative ideas in experience design that we believe are worth spreading. At Sketchin, the design company he founded and now leads, Luca is always trying to apply his own approach to experiential design to the company's projects. Sketchin's goal is to understand, design, and make possible user and consumer experiences that go beyond people's expectations by means of the newest technology.

Fever Pitch

Design the new mobile app of FC Internazionale Milano

F.C. Internazionale Milano needed a new mobile app in its digital ecosystem that could become the club’s official voice in a scenario of a plurality of unofficial apps and websites owned by fans. We have proposed to the Club a solution focused on the supporters, their peculiar needs, their urgency to remain constantly up to date and the plurality of situations and context where they can live their passion for the Club. How we did it and what we have learned during the design process.


Lecture by Luca Mascaro Sketchin


Monday 16th October 2017, h. 16:30


Atelier Maind/FabLab Building A, level-1 Campus Trevano SUPSI