Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Joni Steiner

#openlecture #23

Opendesk: Towards a Local Means of Production


As technology matures, costs fall, access increases and adoption becomes more widespread. Increasingly social, local and human-scaled supply chains are possible, and could challenge the accepted 20th Century model of mass production and mass logistics. Can we build this future beyond the FabLab and make it a viable consumer choice? How might Open licenses, Digital tools and a networked community enable a repositioning of the roles of the Designer, Maker and User through distributed, on-demand manufacturing - and what could the wider impacts be?

Joni Steiner

Joni is a qualified architect and designer with the YAYA shortlisted architecture and strategic design firm 00:/ (zero zero). Part of the TED Prize winning WikiHouse design team, he was Lead Designer for Bristol Urban Beach, offices for the Association of Photographers and the RIBA Award winning Manor Works enterprise & community centre in Sheffield. Joni developed the original range of open-source furniture for Mint Digital and Hub Westminster and continues to evolve this with Opendesk. Despite his background working on cultural and civic projects, Joni likes nothing better than getting his hands dusty in a CNC shop.


Lecture by Joni Steiner, Opendesk


Friday 29th September 2017, h. 16:30


Atelier Maind/FabLab Building A, level-1 Campus Trevano SUPSI