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Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Viviana Narotzky

#openlecture #21

Keeping It Open, Or, Why Design Is Not What It Used To Be


Since the late 1990s, digital technologies and social media have reached a point of maturity from which a new industrial culture is emerging. This networked information economy is having a huge impact on the creative fields, transforming fundamental aspects of the processes of creation, mediation, distribution and consumption. It is clearly more than technological change, however, that drives these ways of doing things: there is a strong cultural shift underpinning these practices.

Viviana Narotzky

Dr Viviana Narotzky is an independent scholar, writer and curator, and the founder and Director of the International Open Design / Shared Creativity conference, at the Barcelona Design Festival. Dr Narotzky has been Senior Research Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Domestic Interior (RCA / V&A, London) and Tutor on the RCA/V&A History of Design MA. She has collaborated with institutions like the World Economic Forum, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, and Hong Kong Television.


Atelier of Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design Building A, level -1


6 April 2016, h. 13.00 – 18:00