Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI System Thinking Design Week Course


The Maind Master inaugurates the beginning of the second semester of the Academic Year 21/22 with a week-long course on System Thinking Design in which each day is dedicated to a specific sub-topic.

Five days, five different practical approaches, five design outputs!

Ilaria Scarpellini: A systemic Approach for a Citizen-Centred eGovernment.

"We can see that in designing public services we have to both strive to fulfil the needs of users as well as those of the institutions”

Federica Fragapane: Designing Meaningful Visual Data Narratives.

“Helping the comprehension of sensitive topics, such as climate change or immigration, can really make the difference: communication is the key to foster positive impact”

Andrea Di Nardo: From Yuck to Yum: How Eating Insects Can Change the World.
"Designing in the context of the current, highly complex, contradictive, food system is a real challenge. Design can help trigger a mindset change”

Elisabeth Graph: Filling Up the Value-Action Gap.
“People declare that sustainability, inclusiveness etc. is important to them but they don’t act accordingly. To design for social good means to influence and change people’s behaviour."

Maria Luce Lupetti: More-Than-Human Design and Ethical Trade-Offs.

"We unconsciously engage with ethical trade offs through our daily choices which are deeply intertwined with societal challenges."

We can't wait to start again and to welcome these special lecturers into our program!


Beginning of the Second Semester 21/22 with the week Course by Ilaria Scarpellini, Federica Fragapane, Andrea Di Nardo, Elisabeth Graph, Maria Luce Lupetti


From Monday 21 to Friday 25 February


Online - In Presence Lectures