Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI nexHack for the nexBig idea in Edtech


48 hours of digital hacking for #LearningTomorrow.

Do you have brilliant ideas for digital tools that will reinvent the future of learning? Say yes, and nexHack Edtech is for you!

You don’t need technical skills to be part of this hackathon. We’re looking for your ideas and unique skills to help us drive innovation for #LearningTomorrow. All you need to join are a laptop with a webcam, a sturdy internet connection, and big ideas.

nexHack Edtech is the digital hackathon brought to you by swissnex India in collaboration with swissnex Boston and Movetia. Through this 48-hour hackathon we aim to bring new ideas to the Swiss higher education landscape. We’re looking for young talents from different scientific backgrounds, all the way from India, China, Brazil, United States and of course, Switzerland.

Connect, collaborate and co-create the next big idea in edtech. Win exciting prizes including the possibility to apply for a seed funding up to CHF 15’000, to further develop your idea!

Organized by swissnex India / Boston and Movetia.


Serena Cangiano (SUPSI & FabLab)
Heloise Perrin (Movetia)
Alan Cabello (Sparkacademy)
Daniel Kunz (Sparkacademy)
Clelia Calabrò (The Rebel Company)
Theo Whitwill (FNHW)
Jakeer Mohammad (iProPal)
Prateek Khare (swissnex India)
Jonas Brunschwig (swissnex Boston)

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