Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Maind Theses Show


Join us online for the Maind Theses Show!

When: Thursday, 16 July 2020, starting from 15:00 (CEST)
Where: Youtube stream

MAInD students 19/20 are glad to present their final projects to the public in conversation with professional Interaction Designers:

Alice Mela, Interaction Designer at TODO, Turin
Federico Lameri, Senior Product Designer at Personio, Munich
Orly Golan, UX/UI Lead at Wefarm, London

Jury members:
Sabina Barcucci, Architect, Designer & Researcher
Antonio De Pasquale, Associate Creative Director, Frog Design
Massimo Botta, Head of the Program & Thesis Jury President

Congratulations to all the students for their passion and hard work throughout the entire program!

Giulia Albertini
A digital platform for second hand fashion
Supervisor: Mattia Parietti, Frog Design

Ana Gasharova
Fil Rouge
Omnichannel fashion and apparel shopping service
Supervisor: Paolo Decaro, Spark Reply

Rishabh Hattikudur
A supply chain service that provides fresh ugly produce delivered right to your doorstep
Supervisor: Paolo Decaro, Spark Reply

Julian Jagan
An all-in one solution to home food growing capacity building
Supervisor: Kim Berry, Fjord

Mihir Joshi
Reorganizing rickshaws as an affordable and sustainable last mile solution for daily metro commuters
Supervisor: Giorgio Baresi, Spark Reply

Maria Emilia Kaitazoff
A museum experience to be heard
Supervisor: Matteo Loglio,

Anne Kwaro
Designing digital media for situational awareness in pandemics
Supervisor: Nicolò Calegari, Spark Reply

Sara Palmiotti
A new interactive solution for OCD patient
Supervisor: Mattia Parietti, Frog Design

Ivana Moreno Santos
Long-distance Parenting - connecting parents and their children
Supervisors: Letizia Maria Cannerozzi and Nicolò Calegari, Spark Reply

Sidharth Nangavaram Rajah
The social commerce platform for all your favorite products
Supervisor: Letizia Maria Cannerozzi, Nicolò Calegari, Spark Reply

Artur Strupka
Shapies AR
An augmented reality game for learning computational thinking skills in primary schools
Supervisor: Lorenzo Romagnoli

Serena Vernola
Interaction design for Non binary people
Supervisor: Denise Orifici, Frog Design

Eleonora Zorzi
Increasing engagement while decreasing consumption
Supervisor: Ilaria Scarpellini