Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI MAInD Alumni #wherearetheynow - Nicolò Calegari


Interaction Designers are the amongst the most sought-after professionals on the market - and this demand is not likely to diminish in the years to come. Hence, the purpose of MAInD programme is to train skilled professionals qualified for a wide range of professions and who play a key role within the most innovative industrial and design fields.

This week we interviewed Nicolò Calegari, who attendend our programme in 15/16, and asked him a few questions about his professional experience as Interaction Designer.

Where are you currently working?
I’m working as Senior Interaction Designer in Spark Reply, Milan and Munich.

How did the MAInD program help you become a professional Interaction Designer?
My key learning at MAInD has been that technology is not a solution by itself. Technology is an enabler to provide the best experience for users. Code, 3D printing, UI design are useless if not targeted towards users’ happiness.

What is the key lesson you learnt from our program which stil accompanies you in your professional career?
Same as above; plus, remembering that design has to be fun. Do your best, be curious, explore. If you make mistakes, nobody will die.

Which project of yours did you enjoy and inspire you the most?
Hard to tell! I particularly loved both Advanced Services and Mobile Interfaces courses; the thesis module was amazing, also. Digital Fabrication was cool, Ubi’s course too. Impossible to tell, really.

Photo credits: Inner Light by Nicolò Calegari, Giulia Galli, Ginevra Rudel.