Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI MAInD Alumni #wherearetheynow - Dipti Ganeriwala


Interaction Designers are the amongst the most sought-after professionals on the market - and this demand is not likely to diminish in the years to come. Hence, the purpose of MAInD programme is to train skilled professionals qualified for a wide range of professions and who play a key role within the most innovative industrial and design fields.

This week we interviewed Dipti Ganeriwala, who attendend our programme in 17/18, and asked her a few questions about her professional experience as Interaction Designer.

Where are you currently working?
I'm currently based in Berlin, Germany, and I work as the Product Design Lead at Merantix Healthcare (a Merantix company).

How did the MAInD program help you become a professional Interaction Designer?
The MAInD program at SUPSI was helpful in fostering a curiosity in the field of design and technology for me. From learning processing to building things with my own hands, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and gain a broader perspective on how things work. I was able to leverage the knowledge from the user experience and interface design courses at MAInD and from my final thesis project in order to build a portfolio that was more focused. This helped shape the path to where I am today.

What is the key lesson your learnt from our program which still accompanies you in your professional career?
One of the most important things I learnt during the program was that as a designer, one is able to reinvent oneself constantly. With the right tools, one can apply oneself in many ways and in many directions.

Which project of yours did you enjoy and inspire you the most?
The projects that inspired me were the ones I took on with Fabio Franchino and Andreas Gysin. Fabio's understanding of his subject and his ability to understand and communicate ideas makes him a very good teacher. Andreas's creativity and his unique way of solving design problems pushed me to explore the project in a different way. I collaborated with Andreas Adam on a communication device called Heart2Heart. Here's a brief write-up on it:

Heart2Heart is an experiment in computer to computer dialogue. The objective of the experiment is to explore data transmission and data corruption via two computers that communicate using frequencies. The project was done in collaboration with Andreas Adam.

We programmed a computer, the Sender, to emit a sequence of sounds which can be translated into words by a second computer, the Receiver. The sender uses three frequencies that are above the set threshold, to ensure that the message is audible via a microphone. The Receiver computer uses these same frequencies and converts them to letters. This is achieved through binary representations of letters. But the translation may not be accurate. This can be conducted multiple times until the original message is totally distorted.

You can find the project here.

Fabio's project The Dialog Wall, is something I come back to, often.

Other than that, my thesis project, Moodfood remains close to my heart.