Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI MAInD Alumni #wherearetheynow - Diana Valdes


Interaction Designers are the amongst the most sought-after professionals on the market - and this demand is not likely to diminish in the years to come. Hence, the purpose of MAInD programme is to train skilled professionals qualified for a wide range of professions and who play a key role within the most innovative industrial and design fields.

This week we interviewed Diana Valdes, who attendend our programme in 17/18, and asked her a few questions about her professional experience as Interaction Designer.

Where are you currently working?
Right now I'm working at GFT Group, a worldwide IT Company that offers solutions for banks and insurers.

How did the MAInD program help you become a professional Interaction Designer?
For me the MAInD program gave me a world full of possibilities. It helped me acquire the fundamentals of all Interaction | UX UI aspects and it also showed me a little bit of each stage of the design process, giving me the chance to choose which role I could cover inside my team.

What is the key lesson your learnt from our program which still accompanies you in your professional career?
For sure I can't choose one particular lesson that helped me learn more. I think that what makes this program useful and different from others is the fact that it shows us different ways of solving problems, thinking always of the user as the main focus of the design process.

Which project of yours did you enjoy and inspire you the most?
I really enjoy the project of Designing Advanced Artifacts, with Serena Cangiano and Lorenzo Romagnoli. It was a project that inspired me in many ways: on the one hand, it showed me how to use a different method of design, trying out different solutions for one problem; on the other, it also made me design for a different target that usual, including testing with children.

Main Image: Drive the Rabbit by Diana Valdes.