Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI MAInD Alumni #wherearetheynow - Marta Angelini


The MAInD program places Interaction design at the center of an unique curriculum in which it serves as the key element for the design of Advanced Artifacts, Environments, and Services. The goal of the MAS is to train skilled professionals qualified for a wide range of professions and who play a key role within the most innovative industrial and design fields.

We asked some alumni to tell us about their experience with our programme and how MAInD help them become the professionals they are today.

The first of our series is Marta Angelini, who attended the programme in 17/18.

Where are you currently working?
I have been working at Ginetta Web/Mobile in Z├╝rich since November 2018.

How did the MAInD program help you become a professional Interaction Designer?
Working on projects for creating tangible products was for sure a challenging and inspiring experience. But what helped me the most in becoming what I am now were the projects we did with Frog Design. I learnt from them the very basics of the methodologies which afterwards I could further develop to be able to currently use them in my job.

What is the key lesson your learnt from our program which stil accompanies you in your professional career?
Learning about User-centered design principles and methodologies was crucial in defining my value as an Interaction Designer: it gave me the possibility of starting working right after finishing my master without doing an internship. These skills are highly requested in this UX/UI field and it's quite tough to find people with this specific experience and knowledge, and I'm currently facing this during our hiring process at Ginetta.

Which project of yours did you enjoy and inspire you the most?
I really enjoyed working on the Machine learning project we did with Matteo Loglio and Massimo Banzi. I created a product called Homy, and even if it's just a prototype I still think the idea could have a lot of potential.